What HR Doesn’t Get About OD – October 14, 2020

What HR Doesn’t Get About OD – October 14, 2020

Organization development (OD) practitioners are taught methods involving transformational change, which is brought about by cutting-edge OD practices such as appreciative inquiry, future search, Theory U, and deliberately developmental organizations (DDOs). Yet, many internal and external practitioners don’t have the chance to do enterprise-level and transformational work because of constraints imposed by organizations and clients.

Many clients and HR professionals see OD as just another HR service. Internal OD staff may be housed in HR departments; external consultants’ contracts are often brokered by HR. Some HR staff fashion themselves as OD consultants but have little or no training, mentoring or supervision. These confusions dilute the definition of OD and degrade the promise and results of OD work.

One of the existential threats to our discipline is that people outside it are redefining it, limiting its scope, and shortchanging it. In this interactive session, we’ll explore the differences between “transactional and transformational OD” and how the distinction can help focus us and others on the immense possibilities of true OD.

About Eric Svaren
Growing the capacity of leaders and organizations has been the focus of Eric’s career for more than 25 years. As an independent practitioner, his clients include national and local non-profits, health care, higher education, companies, and government at all levels. Eric has also been an internal consultant—at Fred Hutch, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and the City of Seattle. He taught mid-career professionals for Cascade Executive Programs at the UW Evans School of Public Affairs. A scholar at heart, Eric is an insatiable learner and propagator of OD and maintains a vast archive of tools, models, and case studies.


Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Time: 4-5:30 pm
Location: Virtual via Zoom. Instructions on how to log in will be sent out to all registrants the morning of the event. Please note that there is no technical support for this event. Please check your audio and video prior to joining the meeting.
Cost: OODN Chapter Members and Partner Organizations (ATD, PHRMA):$10; All others: $15
Register: Through Eventbrite. Online registration available until 8 am the morning of the event. Limited to 100 participants.

This event will be recorded and available via link to anyone who signed up. The recording is not available to the general public.