Program: Agile OD

Program:  Agile OD

September 21, 2016, Portland, Oregon

Agile OD

  • “How do we know if we’re achieving our strategic goals?”
  • “How can we encourage staff to take risks?”
  • “How do we adapt to meet shifting market challenges?”
  • “If your/my organization could speak what would it say, what would it want you to know?”

Sound familiar?

Organizations are struggling to keep pace with accelerating shifts in markets, technology and culture. Most organizations still rely on a way of working that was designed over 100 years ago for the challenges and opportunities of the industrial age. Team structures support routine and static jobs. Command and control systems drive efficiency at the expense of free information flow, innovation, rapid learning, and adaptability.

At Coraggio Group, clients come to us to make sense of this rapidly changing environment. We’ve done our best to keep pace with these changes, and to provide organizations with the frameworks, tools, and training necessary to transform the way they track, measure, and optimize the way they work. We call this process “agile operational planning”.

But there isn’t a turn-key solution or bulletproof approach for every client, and we’re often confounded by the divergent needs, and shifting appetites for change, that our clients express.
Here’s a sample of the questions we’re struggling with:

  1. What is agile and what is not agile?
  2. Is an agile approach right for every organization?
  3. How do you and surface the assumptions that limit agility in ‘traditional’ organizations and pitch an agile operating model?
  4. What are the right questions tools and processes to best enable an agile approach?
  5. If there is no single “right way,” is there a method for finding the right fit?

Join us for an interactive exploration of our early efforts at agile operational planning. Come with your own related questions, challenges, and successes in mind.  Together, we'll address some of these big questions we’re all pondering.


photo-kid-cody-squareKit Cody
Kit’s passion is finding creative solutions to the complex challenges confronting organizations in the 21st Century. He has long worked with leaders to facilitate strategy and planning across marketing, organizational design, growth, and product development initiatives. An entrepreneur by nature, Kit has founded several high-growth startups, and leverages insights from launching products and running technology companies to partner with organizations intent on growth and transformation. He was the founding CEO of Rwanda Ventures, a social enterprise launching purpose-driven companies in East Africa.

Kit holds a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University, and a BA in International Relations from Hampshire College.

photo-sarach-lechner-squareSarah Lechner
Sarah is an influential change maker who champions broad stakeholder involvement, clear alignment between values and strategies and a strengths-based approach to develop inclusive and intentional engagements. A skillful facilitator and trusted advisor, Sarah has a spent the last 14 years developing leaders, programs and strategies in purpose-driven organizations. With her early roots in community organizing work, Sarah is attentive to creating inclusive processes, encouraging authentic leadership and communication, and establishing strong collaborative partnerships.

Sarah has an MA in Leadership and Organization Development from Saybrook University and a BA in Environmental Studies from Denison University.


Date:  Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Time:  5 - 8 pm

  • 5 - 6 pm:  Gather and Connect
  • 6 - 8 pm: Program

Location:  Metro Council Annex, 600 NE Grand, Portland, Oregon, 97232
Parking:  Parking is available on the street and in a nearby garage for a nominal fee.
Cost:  $10 Chapter members and Partner Organizations; $35 others.
Refreshments:  Light refreshments and beverages will be served.
RSVP:  Through EventBrite. Online registration available until 8 am the morning of the event.  Registration also available at the door if space available. Limited to 50.
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