President’s Message

President’s Message


The days are finally getting longer than the nights, and the daffodils are cheering!

Board Development
This year we have focused on putting plans in place for strategic growth as we transitioned to a working Board committed to increasing the diversity, size and impact of our Network. While structural updates may not be the most glamorous aspect of Board work, we turned our attention to ensuring that our Bylaws support our aspirations for growing the network and adapting to the fast-changing professional and social context of our region.

At our March meeting, your Board of Directors updated our ODN Oregon Bylaws to create more continuity in our leadership team with structural changes, as well as updating to meet the requirements of last year’s Non-profit regulation change:

  • Board membership terms increased from one year to two years,
  • Board membership maximum increased from nine to 11, and
  • Treasurer has joined President and Secretary as required Board positions.

The structure changes ensure overlapping terms to support continuing leadership energy for our Strategic Action Team efforts in Membership, Partnerships/Outreach, Programming, Marketing/Communication and CCP.

Board membership is a great way to tap into the talent of our network and give back to our community. Our shift to a working Board offers members a great experience of task-oriented Team development with an outstanding group of leaders and broadens your opportunities to engage with change professionals from across the OD field.

We are updating the Nominating Process to reflect the Bylaws changes. The changes take effect immediately for the 2021-2022 Board Nominating process, which begins April 1. We will complete the Nominating Committee appointments this week. Look for an email coming soon about all the details and to see how you can join our growing Network leadership group.

Slack has Arrived at the ODN Oregon!
We have added Slack to strengthen Network connection and extend and deepen professional “conversations” among our members. We already have several channels focusing on critical practice issues including DEI and Transformational OD. Current members have already an invitation to join Slack and another member invitation has gone out this week. Please join us in SLACK Space!

Monthly Programming
In addition to our MindShare peer-to-peer gatherings the first and third Thursdays of each month our April 14 program welcomes back Polarity Management expert, Barry Johnson, to help us Unpack the Power of "And" Thinking. Come prepared to learn a timely and relevant approach to the polarizing positions and discussions we experience today.
A riveting storyteller and engaging facilitator, Barry will help us evolve Polarity Thinking, an intuitive "And" thinking model/process, essential to your internal or external business practice and personal life. This highly engaging and interactive program will help shine a light on the dynamics we have experienced in our national and local arenas over the past years and give us ways to understand new ways forward in this season of massive change. Register here. [link]. Submit questions in advance or join the members conversation on our Slack Channel #3 odno programs!

From the CCP Core Team
This Spring we welcomed ten new CCP consultants and fully staffed five high-impact projects. Watch for the results in coming President’s messages!

Enjoy the sunny days when they come and bless the rain as well. After all, “No rain, no Rainbows!” (Maui Rule #1.)

Helen Spector
ODN Oregon

Dave Hanna, Treasurer,
Sabine Amend, Secretary,
Glen Fahs, Member at Large,
Kitty Miller, Member at Large,
Nadine Ambrose, Member at Large,
DJ Jaeger, Member at Large,
David Kertzner, Member at Large,