President’s Message

Greetings Members!

The Organization Development Fundamentals Certificate Program, presented by Oregon ODN and Cascade Employers Association, was a terrific success. Here's what one attendee had to say, "This course was extremely valuable to me professionally. As a newcomer to OD, I was exposed to the field in a way that was accessible, and paced correctly for an adult learner. I greatly appreciated the OD experts in the course and a format that encouraged discussion and group learning. Each course covered an essential step in the OD process, and this learning was supported on the final day by a practicum that allowed participants to put the pieces together in a "real life" scenario. In addition to learning a great deal, the course also provided an opportunity for me to meet other professionals and create a network outside of my normal workplace role. I would highly recommend the OD Fundamentals course to anyone interested in expanding their capacity to improve outcomes in organizations. It was a great experience."

We plan to make this program an annual offering. Stay tuned for details.

We hope to see you at our annual Holiday Party and at our next professional MasterMind Meeting. Although we call it "mastermind", don't be intimidated. We've had great discussions and interactions among internal and external OD professionals at all levels of experience. Those of us who've been at this for a while get a positive charge from people entering the field and are happy to share our experiences. It's been especially fun to hear from people who've crossed over from internal to external, and external to internal (and sometimes back and forth.) Registration is still free. Check it out!

Programming Committee Recruitment: Calling all Members
Would you like to have a say in our monthly programs? Do you like collaborating on a team to design and execute events? If so, our Committee wants YOU! Benefits include free attendance to all events, the opportunity to meet new people and grow your professional network, the chance to be a leader in shaping the direction of ODN programming, and just plain fun with a great group of people. Contact Dimitra at to learn more.

ODN Strategy: Where will we be in 2025?
The ODN Board has initiated a participative strategy-making process to chart the future of Oregon ODN. The core of the preparation work will be taken on by the Process Design Group, led by Helen Spector. At this point in time, design team members are being recruited to ensure diversity of thought and experience for the design process. Our December 11 monthly meeting/holiday party will include an opportunity to add your input on stakeholders and issues to include as we move forward with our planning for a large-group, participative visioning and strategy event in March 2020. Come in December and put your voice into the process, as well as celebrating CCP and the end of the calendar year.

Reminder: Oregon ODN has a new LinkedIn presence. Click here to follow us for the latest updates and to join the conversation.

Best regards,

ODN Oregon

Jathan Janove, President,
Dave Hanna, Treasurer,
Glen Fahs,
Helen Spector,
Sabine Amend,