President’s Message

President’s Message


As we prepare to move into 2021, I want to share how we are organizing to translate our strategic thinking into actions for building our network and to describe how you can contribute.

First an exciting announcement: We have joined the Regional Partnership Program of the National Organization Development Network! This new relationship provides access to significant resources from the national organization and our regional network of OD colleagues, including a rich resource collection as well as reduced fees for ODN webinars, the Emerging Professionals program, and much more.

Board Action Champions
The Leadership Summit reminded us that all the parts of a vibrant network connect with each other. Each area of our work -- Programming, Membership, Outreach and Partnerships, Marketing and Communication and our Community Consulting Program -- contributes to and benefits from progress in all the others. We have formed teams of champions to lead each one.

In future President’s Messages, I will report to you in more detail on each of these areas, but for now, I want to let you know who to contact with your ideas and support:

  • Sabine Amend and David Kertzner will lead our strategic Programming initiative to implement an OD competency framework to enrich our monthly programs, support the CCP experience, and clarify our value-add for member recruitment and outreach.
  • Nadine Ambrose, Dave Hanna and DJ Jaeger will focus on Membership recruitment to increase the diversity and size of our Network.
  • Nadine Ambrose and Glen Fahs will partner on Outreach/Partnerships to extend our connections with employers and professional partners in the region.
  • Glen Fahs and Kitty Miller will serve as Board liaisons to connect our active Community Consulting Program with other Network activities.
  • Kitty Miller and DJ Jaeger will design ways to strengthen our OODN Brand and increase access to Network opportunities through Marketing and Communication.

Our continuing commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion will inform the new ways we move forward in each and all of these areas.

Programming continues to offer connection, important content and fun to our members, partners and friends:

  • On December 9, we will party virtually, get to know each other better and have some fun celebrating the end of a challenging year.
  • MindShares continue on the first and third Thursdays, offering valuable peer-to-peer engagement and connection during the pandemic isolation.
  • We continue to share announcements from our partners and sister chapters to provide additional opportunities to learn and connect with colleagues in our region and across the continent.

Community Consulting Program (CCP)
CCP has announced plans for the Spring cycle and beyond. We will pilot a new approach of developing projects clustered in one Non-profit, exploring how we can deepen the richness of the consultant experience and increase the impact of our program for the client organization. Contact Dan Vetter for further details and click here to find the consultant application form.

Board Transition
Jathan Janove, a long-time member and most recent President, has decided to leave the OODN Board. Jathan’s generous heart and creative ideas have enriched our Network. His active Board leadership for the past three years and his many CCP and programming contributions have helped us reach this important point in the Network’s journey. Jathan intends to continue his membership and we look forward to seeing him at events and MindShares over the coming months.

Volunteer Opportunities
We look forward to your participation in the action areas described in this message. With your energy and ideas, we can do as much as you help us accomplish. Please contact the Board Champions to join in the work to expand our network!

Helen Spector
ODN Oregon

Dave Hanna, Treasurer,
Sabine Amend, Secretary,
Glen Fahs, Member at Large,
Kitty Miller, Member at Large,
Nadine Ambrose, Member at Large,
DJ Jaeger, Member at Large,
David Kertzner, Member at Large,