Mindshare – July 16, 2020

Mindshare – July 16, 2020

The MindShare is a virtual gathering. Seasoned practitioners and seekers, internal and external helpers and managers. Our twice-monthly MindShare meetings provide participants a rich environment for sharing professional experiences and challenges. The topic of each MindShare emerges from the needs and interests of the participants who show up at each session.

During our July 2 MindShare check-in, some participants noted their need to find virtual ways to continue their work during the pandemic, and others described their need to see more clearly how our OD skills and principles can have an impact to help dismantle Racism.

We spent time understanding a Cross-Cultural Equity Lens, recognizing the need for increasing awareness about our own and others’ implicit biases, and practicing how to engage with “others” to invite them to make visible “things you may not know about me that will inform how I show up.” People described several models and readings to support us in doing our own work.

We invite members of Color and those who have been affected by the current turmoil to join this MindShare conversation. We need your contribution to our knowledge, understanding and practice, and seek to hear what is up for you right now and what you need.

Date:  Thursday, July 16, 2020
Time:  4 - 5:30 pm
Location:  Virtual via Zoom. Please sign in early to make sure your audio and video equipment are ready to go. There is no technical support for virtual meetings.
Cost:  Free to all.
Register:  Click here to register on Zoom. If you register early, you may need to re-register the day of the event. Space limited to 100.