Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

November 15, 2017

Executive Coaching
What is it? How is it done? How does it relate to Organization Development work?

A distinguished panel of senior executive coaches will take us into the world of executive coaching, addressing the questions above as well as any others you have. The panelists are:


Jeannie Coyle
Former SVP of HR for American Express and VP of Leadership Development for Bank of America, Jeannie has coached CEOs and high potentials nationally and in Portland with an emphasis on creating the strategy, talent and culture supporting growth.



Larry Ferguson
Owner of Ferguson Leadership, Larry assists new managers and teams in Oregon, Washington, and California to realize higher-quality results in less time. He offers clients and intact teams consultation and resources to achieve their goals by first creating action-focused development plans.



Dave Underhill
Owner of Underhill Training and Development, Dave believes in the power of people expressing their ideas. Whether he’s working with executives, engineers or entrepreneurs, his passion is to help them turn their ideas into action. He works with clients across the globe.



Frank Wagner
A nationally known leadership coach, Frank was asked by his partner Marshall Goldsmith to design the international network of coaches who practice Goldsmith’s methodology of Stakeholder-Centered Coaching. Dr. Wagner has coached hundreds of key leaders, helping them gain commitment and work across organizational boundaries.



Date:  Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Time:  5–8 pm
Location:  Daimler Trucks North America, 4555 N. Channel Corporate Conference Center, Portland, OR 97217
Parking:  Free in the lot
Food:  Light snacks
Cost:  Chapter members and partner organizations: $10; guests: $25
RSVP:  Through Eventbrite. Online registration open until 8 am the day of the event. Space available at the door.