National ODN






ODN Oregon and the national OD Network have entered into a regional partnership agreement.

Here's a partial list of benefits that Oregon ODN members can receive as part of this partnership:

  • Access to the Global OD Practice Framework™; including the five areas of OD competency available on the OD Network website;
  • Access to the OD Network resources tool kit;
  • Subscription to the Network News monthly e-newsletter;
  • Subscription to the monthly Network Connections; and
  • Discounted rates for OD Network webinars ($10.00 savings per webinar).
  • A 15% discount of national membership
  • Full set of national OD membership benefits
  • Oregon ODN members may submit articles for inclusion in the OD Network Connections, upon review and approval by OD Network.

Oregon ODN is required to submit current membership lists directly to national ODN on a regular basis. If your Oregon ODN membership is not current, you will not have access to the above benefits.

Feel free to contact the ODN office with any questions.